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asexuals getting married

Asexuals getting married : a success story

Do you believe in finding the right person for you, as an asexual? We definitely do. Especially after receiving a wonderful message from two asexuals who used our website. We’d love to share a success story with you, of two asexuals getting married.

am I asexual

Am I asexual?

If you’re wondering if you’re asexual, I’d like to help you by giving you some more information about asexuality.

romantic orientations within the asexual community

Romantic Orientations Within The Asexual Community

Many asexuals put emphasis on their (a)romantic orientations. And as there are many different romantic orientations within the asexual community, we felt it was time for an overview for those wanting to learn more. Heteroromantic A heteroromantic is someone who feels romantically attracted to a member of the opposite sex or gender identity. Biromantic A biromantic is someone who feels […]

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