Asexual dating

Asexual dating

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asexual dating

Asexual dating site

How does it work?

Dating asexuals - date asexuality

Your own asexual dating profile

create your own unique asexual dating profile by adding a profile picture and some information about yourself. After that you’re ready to make new asexual friends and discover other asexuals, demisexuals and everyone in between.

You can even write messages on their wall or send a private message to those you find interesting. Make your first message count!

Search and find other asexuals

A dating site for asexuals should understand what it’s like to be asexual so they can offer options other dating websites wouldn’t think of. Search for women, men, non-binary and agender, as well as asexuals, demisexuals and graysexuals.

We know finding other asexuals can be difficult. So we made it easier for you with our easy to use search options. Use filters for specific asexual orientations, age and location. More will be added in the future!

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Dating asexuals - asexuality relationships

Find other asexuals and match!

Asexuals don’t have it easy when it comes to finding and dating asexuals. But we are trying to change that with !

You’re in control. Send a message to other asexuals you like and make that first message count! And who knows, you might just find the asexual love or friendship you are looking for.

Dating asexuals for a fair price

These days, most mainstream dating apps like Tinder, OKcupid and Bumble ask for a lot of money to find your perfect match through premium services. This might be fair when 1 out of every 5 people is a possible match. But with only 1% of the population being asexual and even less in your age and location range, asking that much seems unreasonable.

This is why decided to only ask the price of a piece of cake each month. Not only because it’s fitting to the asexual cake symbol, but mostly because it’s more reasonable. And if you decide to sign up for a full year instead of a month, you even get a 20% discount.
asexual dating site
asexuals, demisexuals and graysexual datingsite

Asexual and romantic orientations

We have many different asexual, demisexual and graysexual members. Among them there are different kind of (a)romantic asexuals. For example:

  • Heteroromantic asexual
  • Homoromantic asexual
  • Biromantic asexual
  • Panromantic asexual
  • Polyromantic asexual
  • Demiromantic asexual
  • Gray-romantic asexual
  • Aromantic asexual
You’ll be able to search for these different orientations in other people’s profiles as well as putting it in your own dating profile. Making it easier to find the perfect asexual match for you.

Asexual dating: success stories

We are looking forward to hearing the first success stories from asexuals who fell in love and became a happy couple or best friends!

So if you found your asexual match here and you’d like to be one of the success stories, and inspire and motivate other asexuals, then contact us and we will share your story with our community on our blog (anonymously if requested). 

Asexual dating may not always be easy, but we should show each other that it’s possible and inspire others with success stories. Reach out to us! 

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